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George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The disguise

That tricky squash
Such a beautiful squash flower

Our container garden, the big one is the squash plants

My 12 year old son, Eaph, hates squash, he crinkles his nose even at the mention of the word. {Honestly, the name isn't too appetizing is it?...S.Q.U.A.S.H.} So the rest of the kids pick up on big brother's bad attitude...problem....Nope, no problem, because you do a little trick and... voila you've got a completely different veggie. Instead of slicing the zucchini in circles or semi- circles you slice 'em into sticks so they blend in with the carrots and onions and green beans....
Eaph rockin' out to makin his first batch of bread, all by himself

Eaph is eating his stir fry and picks out something that doesn't look like a carrot or an onion, and asks, "what's this?" "Uuuhh, I dunno", is all I can think of, but I thought a bit and the next time he asked me I was ready, "it's a leak, it's in the onion family"....Needless to say he and his siblings ate it all up. I confessed to him later, but he hasn't had a problem once he realized it was all in his head that he didn't like squash.

Yeah, it's squash disguising season. Let's make some zucchini apple pie, and relish, and even add it to jam. I just put it in with the fajita mix and had some killer worked really well. How do you do the disguise?


rayndrop said...

i just saw angie's blog. she's got some of your furniture remakes over there. andrea, you have got some mad skills.

Fun Family Times said...

I have a friend that even puts it in brownies.

Fun Family Times said...

I am lucky, I guess, because my kids actually like it steamed with butter and salt.

jen said...

I have a great recipe for hummus that used zucchini instead of beans. It's gyoooood!!

The Wright Family said...

Gotta love the plain old standby of Zucchini Bread... its one of my favs!

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