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George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to Baby Dolly

Art's sister, Me, and my SIL, and in the front Baby Dolly, of course.
Dolly just got done doin' her favorite thing eating, and yup that's her daddy.

Dolly with big sister Lishy

Her second favorite thing to eat.
Here's a link to another reeeally precious pic of baby Dolly that Art's brother and SIL(the one pictured above) of Blubelle Photography took of her.

My sweet, sweet little baby Dolly is growing sooo fast, I am holding her right now as she sits on my leg, my left leg, grunting like a cow in heat, very loudly. I think she is trying to do something in her pants. K, I know she 's trying. She is 5 months old wait...OMH...she's 6 months old and I can't believe it.

--->(on a side note my DH just fixed our plugged toilet down stairs and cleaned up the water mess, I am sooo thankful for a HaNDy MaN)

The things I don't want to ever forget: nursing, I love to nurse, it is sooo sweet, I love the sound of contentment as she drinks. It's a good chance for me to sit or lie down and relax while I snuggle my baby, a much needed break for me. Plus it's guilt free because, I'm still doing something even though I'm laying down.

These little Darlings definitely are another testament to me that there is a God. But beyond the miracle of making and birthing a baby, a woman has these built in milk making and dispensing machines, and babies have this God given ability to suck, astounding.

I love how she puts things in her mouth and is ravenous about it (I know I won't think it's so cute in another year, but soo adorable now) So I'm nursing her and she comes off and immediately she sticks in a finger or thumb or she fusses while I'm feeding her baby food because I just can't get it in her mouth fast enough.

Today, she was getting a bit cranky, probably hungry, and I started bouncing her on the bed and she was crying and laughing at the same time. So funny.

She is such a blessing and is soo sweet and patient with me and makes it tempting to want another, and if it is the Lord's will (I never thought I'd say that) I would do it again (heaven forbid j/k)

Her daddy calls her "Dolly", and I think it's very fitting. I have soo many blessings, I am soo grateful that I'm a mother. (ha ha I just did spell check and have waaay too many "sooo's". sorry) I have her in my left arm asleep, yeah and my arm is too, and I'm typing with one hand, what a sight.


saskia said...

6 months- wow, time flies- I love to nurse to. It makes me sad to see how many moms don't give it a chance, it's such a wonderful thing!

Erin said...

She's adorable and I did head on over to the photography site...I can't afford to bring them here, but if they're ever in Spokane, I'd definitely like to have them take some pictures of us! They do terrific work!

Fun Family Times said...

You should have another one~! We like to have babies in the family and you make really cute ones.

Fun Family Times said...

Just teasing you, I totally understand.

Malisa said...

I've always wondered where I got my intense desire to nurse and defend nursing (since it didn't come form my upbringing per-se). I bet it probably had something to do with you, come to think of it. I just wish my memory was better. It's all a little hazy.

Lisa said...

Thank you! Your family is adorable too. You & Arthur look just the same, just more grown up. Your kids are SO cute. We are actually expecting #5 in August. Not many people know yet. We are so excited! It's nice to see that you're doing so well. I love your blog. I actually sneak peeks at it every once in a while. I should comment more so I don't feel like I'm snooping. LOL

The Wright Family said...

Hey Andrea, I can't believe your little baby is already six months old! They grow so fast. I love to nurse my kids too. I love the closeness, and all that comes with it. Thanks for being so awesome and sharing! Miss you much!

Emily said...

There are moments when i miss having a baby to hold and nurse and just love. But then I remember that I have to potty train them later and I am content with my 5 again. You do such a beautiful job of describing your life, your feelings, etc. So entertaining to read your blog. :)

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