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George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've fought it long enough

I have to finally admit it isn't ever going to go away so I might as well face the fact that I need to plan dinner. I have been inspired to start a menu for the week, heck for the next 2 weeks or even for the whole month. So I am going to commit myself to making menus and sticking with it.

My family's favorite meal is Hawaiian Haystacks, so we will have this probably every 2 weeks and some version of pizza everyweek, and try not to be too greasy unhealthy about it. I have found there are sooo many different ways you can do pizza, plus, the kids really like to help make it. Also, have a spaghetti night. We'll see how long this lasts. Also, depending on whether the kids like this idea, I will try having breakfast for dinner once or twice a month.

I am always curious as to how other moms handle the dinner scene, so if there is anyone out there that would share, pleeeease do, I wanna hear your comments. I dare you. Also, share some of your family favorites.

Which brings me to.... thanking Erin, (my new friend that I have never met, but who isn't afraid to post on my blog. Did that make any sense?). Thank you Erin for inspiring me to make weekly menus. Now that you know me a little too well, it's embarrassing, I'm ready for a change.


Erin said...

Me?! Don't blame me! But, if you were to listen to me one more time, which I'm not saying you would, I'm just saying "if", I might suggest that you put together a list of 14 meals (you can have duplicates, just account for 14 meals) you and the family like and that you have the stuff to make and loosely schedule them. Knowing what you can make and what takes a lot of time vs. a quick meal, then you can switch things around as your days and weeks evolve. I'm just saying that a rigid menu didn't work for me...I tried to stick by it, but it didn't flow with the rhythm of the family, if that make sense. P.S. and I'm STILL waiting for that email explaining dried beans in my bread...sheesh!

Fun Family Times said...

I have just started doing this this year. Usually I do the 14 things and that takes us through the month. But now on a weekly basis I have been planning the menu, my kids love it. They have liked to be able to look at the menu and know what we are going to have. This way I can try to only go to the store once a week, which really saves on the moolah!

saskia said...

I have been such a slacker about planning menus! We quit eatting meat last year. We do pizza, sphagetti, beans, breakfasts for dinner. When the weather warms we'll go back to eatting a lot of raw food for dinner. Nothing like a watermelon for dinner, you know! My two older children help with dinner and also make it a lot, this really helps my sanity. We like haystacks to and I use this vegetarian base for the gravy. Sometimes we have FFY night, Fend for Yourself!

da bunch said...

These are all so great, thank you. I think it is something I can do. Saskia, tell me about the veggie base you use for H. Haystacks.

renhallows said...

Hey andrea...I have a chicken night, beef night, noodle night, soup night and mexi night once a week. The other days are usually sundays which are always roast/papas and salad. And the other night is a surprise to me and the family..which is the hardest night of all. I evesdrop alot on conversations about what someone is making for dinner...or I will call my sisters to see what they are making. I hate making dinners...It's a challenge every day!
good luck and when you get your calendar planned post it for all of us to get some ideas...would you!

Lorilee said...

You got me a thinkin...and I actually love it! I talked it over with the fam and we are going to start off by doing a weekly menu. The kids were thrilled in the planning process. They are so excited to come home from school today to see my menu on the wall. I had better get busy. Thanks for the inspiration. Love it!

Natalie said...

I love roast! Sometimes I make it with all the veggies, and sometimes I use a can of beef consume and a can of french onion soup, pour it over the roast and make french dip sandwiches! YUM!
Robert got a pork roast the other day and put salsa and brown sugar in it and we had sweet pork sandwiches! YUM YUM!
I LOVE crockpot meals!
We also do breakfast for dinner! Breakfast burritos, French Toast and Pancakes are our favorites! Sometime I make the kids Mickey Mouse Pancakes and let them decorate it with various fruit, glued together with peanut butter! They love it!

The Wright Family said...

Any ideas you come up with, please share... dinners are always a hard decision at my house! ;)

5joys said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog - What a fun family you have. Thanks for making me smile on this very gloomy, rainy, windy day. Today is Menu Monday and I think I'm feeling chicken noodle soup in the plan!

Emily said...

I've thought about doing this for years. . . I really should. It would be helpful if I could find a way to keep my kids out of stuff! So many times I go to make something only to find out that a much needed ingredient has been completely consumed!!!!!! Makes me crazy. I think I will work on the menu thing though. . . I like the idea of being a little more organized. . . Okay, I need to be more truthful. I like the idea of being organized at all! How can I say a little more, when I am not organized. You know. . . I can go on and on. I think that it is a sign that I am suffering from fatigue. I need to go to bed. Then what is my excuse for going on and on when I am NOT tired? . . . okay. . . I'm going now. :)

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