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George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Again, 3 mos supply

Who has their three months supply? I just received an e-mail, maybe many of you have too, about the Pandemic Flu. Let's just say it's not if, but when it will happen. It has been forecasted to happen within the next 2 years, so probably plan more on the sooner than the later side, because I don't know when the forecast was cast.

I have read a couple of sites that have condensed down the 3 months into 15 meals made 6 times. Here is the link from, Just Organize Yourself, with pictures and recipes. And Safely Gathered In has a lot to say, they have a lot of pictures and how to's. From canning to 72 hr kits to making your own wheat grass. Very, very good site. Once I get my meals finished up I will share them with you, and I encourage you to do the same. I'm always up for food ideas.


Erin said...

Well, I don't and I've spent the last year figuring out how we eat, what we eat, and what I can do. Having said all that, our snow storms in December really showed me how desperate people would be if the trucks stopped rolling for more than the two weeks we experienced. We're still fine tuning, but we're getting closer.

laceeJ said...

check out wendy dewitt's info on her blog.... and her way of planning the meals is SO EASY! Also search her name on YOUTUBE and you can watch her give her demonstration at a church fireside thing.

laceeJ said...

I bought all my chicken last Saturday when Lin's had their huge meat sale. 1.29 per pound. However I heard that they will be having the same sale again on Saturday (2 days from now). Call your bishop, I'm sure he'll be able to tell you for sure :) I'm so glad to have it done! Good luck! (If I were you i would find another canner to borrow so you could get more done in the same amount of time.) We even borrowed a camp chef cooker so we had 4 canners going at the same time. We bottled about 150 pounds of chicken doing that. We spend most of our Saturday doing chicken, but IT's DONE FOR 3 years! YAY!

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