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"Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. but the body is never tired if the mind is not tired."
George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Running for a Cause

Whatever Boys Can Do Girls Can Do Almost Better

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Here's an awesome pic my handsome man took while riding his bike. I think it's funny....he's riding a bike wearing his shoulder sling taking a self portrait with me. He is multi-talented!!!

Honey, can you say loooong? Oh my, am I feeling it, but I must admit running 12 miles this morning was easier than running 10 two weeks ago. One of my biggest motivations was trying to keep going so the mosquitos wouldn't get me, I forgot my repellant. They somehow caught up with me though.

I've been running with my husband this week, Nissa (my running partner) is at a beach helpin out at a summer camp. But I hafta say he ran the whole 4 miles with me on Monday and kept up the whole time and at the end he put it in gear and passed me up. What the!?! It takes me months of running and running having a baby and running some more, and he hasn't ran for two years, plus he just had shoulder surgery 1 1/2 mos ago and he passes me. Why am I always compelled to be humbled? But he was sore for a few days and I wasn't. In fact he was soo sore that he decided he would bike while I ran. I guess he had a good enough of an excuse to buy a new bike. So he rode his bike on my 6 and 12 milers. It's those long runs that getcha, he kept up with me pretty good.

Speed Limit

Limit? What limit? I am always astounded as to what the human body is capable of week after week. I can't believe I just ran 12 miles today, I finished in 2 hrs. I am so grateful how well things went today, because 2 weeks ago I could hardly walk after running 10 miles. I was very discouraged, thinking all that bad self talk, "How the heck can I keep doing these long runs if I can't even walk now?" On my run today my hip and knee behaved, I didn't have any problems, I was able to keep going. My foot is hurting though. It's always my right side, that leg is shorter, maybe that's why.

I learned a trick so your I T band doesn't bother your knee, turn your foot out, it helps. Whenever my knee started hurting I turned it out, it really worked!!!!! I am so grateful that I can run, this has been an incredible journey and a summer I will never forget. I'm still not loving to go running, I dread it sometimes, most times, but I love that I can run and that I'm healthy. Glory to God, I am nothing with out Him.


The Fundraiser

Here we are at our 4th of July Bake Sale

Just an update, Nissa and I had to raise $1000 for Dixie Care and Share, they have our Marathon ticket..... and WE DID IT!!!!! The burden is lifted, it is sooo nice to not be worrying about that any more. I found to best way to raise money was to think BIG....we decided to do our first fundraiser: a Bake Sale at the 4th of July festivities, we raised just under $200.

The Jam Man, that owns Old Nauvoo Jam, donated 3 cases (36 jars) of jam for our sale, I really believe it was inspiration to involve him . I literally baked bread allll dang day on Friday. It was successful as we sold all the bread and the baked goods and about 1/2 the jam, that was a great day.

The next week we had 2 more fundraisers...a Car Wash at Lin's parking lot that I was over, and a Rummage & Bake sale that Nissa was over. I was astounded by the wonderful donations for the Rummage Sale and the awesome volunteers helping at the car wash. Our best helpers were the Beehives and Mia Maid girls from the ward, my husband's 15 year old sister, and 25 yr old brother (he brought a couple of friends and was an animal at washing) my son Eaph, the City Princesses helped too. My Father-in-Law came and helped a bit, and later my handsome husband came and helped shoulder sling and all (he had shoulder surgery in June) and he brought our 7 and 6 yr old and our little 4 and 2 yr old they washed too. It was quite a sight. We had very generous people telling us to keep the change. Plus we were really consistant washing cars the whole time.

We made $234 at the Car Wash and close to $385 at the Rummage Sale. That with the donations and my Mary Kay order we were able to hand a $1000 check to Dixie Care and Share. A HUGE thank you to all of you that came out and supported us. What a Blessing, and what a BIG burden we can direct our energy guessed it....running!!!!


Lil' LeBaron Family said...

You guys are SO amazing! I totally love the Art/Annie self portrait!

saskia said...

Wow, getting caught up on your blog and you have me teary eyed, just reading what you are doing, amazing, I hope some day to be there, but right now I have no idea what on Earth, I would do with my baby... and all that. someday, for now, You'll keep inspiring me, Go ANDREA! I should say, look up dirt diva, that is my ex's ex wife, she runs 100 milers!

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