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"Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. but the body is never tired if the mind is not tired."
George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Monday, September 14, 2009

20 Miles

Wow, a lot has happened I have run 18 miles a week ago Saturday and 20 miles today. Do I have permission to celebrate? I should be out in the streets yelling and rejoicing that I made it home. Really the 18 wasn't much different than the 20. My mental was a bit harder with the 20, I kept feeling a very urgent feeling, an impatient feeling, when I am in so much pain like when I'm in labor. I just want it to go away. I felt antsy, and restless and kept snapping at my poor darling husband this morning...early morning....telling him to talk to me, to tell me Book of Mormon stories....just get my mind busy, dang it.

Then, when I had run about 15 1/2 miles who came and saved me? Nissa, whom I haven't seen for waaay over a week. I don't even remember the last time we ran together. I've been outta town. She rescued me and ran the rest of the way home with me. I am crying...thank you sweet Nissa. I made it home, We made it home.....WE DID IT!!!!!!! So my DH saw that I was well taken care of so he went home to get the kids fed and taken care of. So when I arrived there they were waiting for me, what a little bit of heaven on earth. It has been a very special day. Which brings me to my next post...


They are hard to find. But the friends that have blessed my life I haven't had to try. They came to me. While I was in Salt Lake last week I hung out with a really great friend, Malisa, that I haven't seen in 8 years, I can't believe it. But we picked up where we left off. We met while up at Logan. I was an at home mom with one kid, while my darling was attending USU and she moved in across the street. She was very friendly and would come over every so often and come and talk to me, which I was very grateful for. I really needed that friendship at that time. I need it now, actually. I will never forget how genuine she is. Thank you Malisa for being such a great friend. Things I have learned from friendly, don't be afraid to get to know people, you compliment freely, you are an awesome house keeper, very organized, a good mother, and a go getter, you have done some amazing things to your home which has inspired me like...putting up all the crown moulding in your house minus the basement, built a beautiful mantel all by yourself and painted your kitchen cabinents white, put up wainscoting in the bathroom, laundry, and daughter's room. She's an awesome designer. Thank you for your friendship and for putting up with me for 3 days straight. I love you.

Trina was introduced to me through a couple of mutual friends...we just kept meeting each other. There was no stopping us. Our boys played and our girls played together. It was a good match. Things I have learned from her...being a good friend not matter what...she has given to me so many times, without ever thought of return, I owe her so much. She has faced a lot of her fears, I am so proud of her, she gives me courage to face my own fears. She too, is a good house keeper. She has taught me about style, wear clothes you look good in. I may not always follow that rule, but she still taught me it. She forgives fast, maybe too fast, she and her husband have a lot of love, they love people, and they especially love kids. They are both really hard workers, and I love them a lot and am grateful for their example of friendship.

Nissa, oh what can I say? She a very special running partner and friend extraordinaire, and business woman of the year. This woman may look skinny but boy is she tough in every sense of the word and then some. Also, tough as in strong willed too. She has a very funny sense of humor that just grows on you. She loves people, and is very friendly, just so likeable. Oh, we met when our boys just couldn't stay away from each other in kindergarten, and I am grateful. This lovely lady will not be caught without a smile, and it suits her rather well as she has a really big smile that is very contagious. She has helped me through some tough runs, like today. She saw my text this morning that I was doing my 20 miler today and she wakes her husband up and says "let's go find her". So they drive around until they find me, she jumps out, and what a rush. I was totally flabbergasted!!!! Good friend? Oh yeah!!! Thank you for runnin me home, it's just what I needed. Thank you for believing in me, I will be forever grateful, I love you!!!

I have been blessed with the best of friends, and most of all my best friend, my Eternal Companion, my handsome man. He is very talented in soo many ways, in music, singing, smarts, street smart, book smart, people smart. He is always showing his affections to me. I love how he loves me. He has taken such great care of me and our family, we have never been without. He's a hard worker. He gets up and reads the scriptures every morning with the kids. He wakes up really early to go running with me. The support he gives me makes it possible to even do all of this training, I literally couldn't do it without him. I am always amazed at the good man that he is. I knew he was, and then he'll do or say something that really lets me see how good he really is. Did I say he was handsome? He has a lot of wisdom, I rely on that heavily...maybe too much. He is my soul mate, and my much better half. He is my hero who has been through a lot of pain lately, and never complains. Thank you for being so patient with me, and for being such a wonderful father. I love you so much, thank you my sweet man.


Malisa said...

Putting up with you? I really enjoyed you visiting. I was SO BUMMED that Sarah and I got sick. I still don't believe it's been 8 years.

After the carnival, I'm going to make some plans to come see you, if you'll have me. :)

saskia said...


Lorilee said...

I am so proud of you my little Wilamina...oh wait, that's me. I can hardly believe your little legs. What a trooper and a hero. I'm cheering you on my darlin'. Keep up that hard work and way to be determined for the rest of us.

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